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The phrase “pulling teeth” makes people nervous, but a tooth extraction does not have to be a negative experience! The dentists will perform your tooth extraction quickly, safely, and with minimal discomfort.

Before turning to tooth extraction, our doctors will bring you in for an exam and x-rays. If an extraction is the best course of action, we will ensure your comfort with local anesthetic.


Reasons For A Tooth Extraction

You may need an extraction if your tooth cannot be salvaged by other dental treatments. Tooth extraction might be the best option for any of the following cases:

  • Wisdom teeth that pose a threat of infection
  • Wisdom teeth that emerge sideways or crooked in the mouth
  • An overcrowded mouth that affects the aesthetic and function of the smile
  • Impacted teeth that block other teeth from emerging
  • Teeth that are severely damaged and can not be properly restored


What To Expect During A Tooth Extraction

The tooth will be gently wiggled back and forth to widen the socket. If possible, the affected tooth will be removed in one piece, otherwise it will be removed in small pieces. After your extraction, you should avoid rinsing, spitting, and sucking through straws. Adhere to a liquid diet for the first day, and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for a few days. Ice and acetaminophen can be used to reduce swelling or discomfort.

We will be right by your side through every step of your procedure, including your aftercare.


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